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About us

General information about STL Express s.r.o.

We are one of the three branches. For a prompt solution and delivery on time with maximum security, we have branches in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania. The fleet consists of 330 semi-trailer units in total.
STL Express s.r.o. has been operating in road transportation since 2016, and our fleet size has grown to 96 vehicles. We provide transport of express, truckload, and part-load consignments, and also comprehensive transport-related services.
We render our services using vehicles with the highest emission class EURO 6, EURO 5 EEV, and we thus meet the demands of our customers for unloading in enclosed spaces and in a responsible manner with regard to the impacts of our fleet on the environment.

In connection with a modern on-board telematic system in vehicles directly from their supplier, we monitor and influence the operation economy of our vehicles. In addition, the system has the ability to suggest the most economical route online and to check that it is being observed, including monitoring of the driver's working mode, and it enables continuous connection of the vehicle with the dispatch office.

The new feature "Info 24h." has been created. It can provide the customer with information on loading, unloading, and current position even during the late-night and early-morning hours.

We currently own 330 semi-trailer units (towing vehicles VOLVO, SCANIA, DAF, MERCEDES with SCHMITZ semi-trailers with XL code certificate, a tarpaulin against cuts (soky 7.5 x 7.5), and thermo-boxes designed mainly for mail, tobacco, alcohol...). Our partners also have these semi-trailers.

The semi-trailer can bear a total load of 25 t with a height of 2.70/ 3.00 m. It means that we are able to transport greater volumes, which makes the transport more economical and ecological. This type of transport is very advantageous for long journeys across Europe.

If the capacity of our own vehicles is insufficient, we intermediate freight transport for uncovered transportation requests. It is possible only in the case of contractual transportation for steady customers and is carried out with the approval of the customer. Shipments are assigned to reliable companies only (reliability, freight insurance, first-class fleet) - transport operators with their own fleets. Further mediation for a third-party is prohibited.

Freights are insured for the amount of EUR 1,000,000, on account of transport operator's liability under the CMR Convention, against theft, failure to meet the delivery deadline, etc. (see the insurance policy)


STL Express s.r.o.
Čs. armády 3212
272 01 Kladno
ID: 04858051
Phone: +420 775 281 956

STL Express s.r.o.
Do Čertous 2622/14
193 00 Praha 9

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what we are able to do

We are really good in following areas

Transport throughout Europe


- Express transportation
· FTL transportation
· LTL transportation
· Pick-up services
· Distribution of parcel, part-load consignments
· Non-stop monitoring of consignments
· 24-hour customer service
· Extensive fleet of modern and regularly serviced vehicles

Why us?

· Own fleet
· Extensive network of time-tested contractual carriers
· Continuously increasing number of vehicles with the ecological standard EURO 6
· Monitoring of vehicle movements through GPS
· Timely positioning and guaranteed delivery dates

International transport

· Truckload and part-load freights
· Collaboration with carriers from the whole EU
· Carrier liability insurance (results from the CMR Convention)
· Supplementary insurance in the case of transport of goods with an increased consignment value

National transport

· Delivery from production plants to central or intermediate warehouses
· Distribution to final customers


Company management

Management of STL Express s.r.o.

Mykola Kuzmyk
Tel.: +420 277 270 177
Fax: +420 277 270 921

Communication with customers

Customer Communication Department of STL Express s.r.o.

Ladislav Strnad (CZ/SK)
Mob.: +420 776 852 800
Tel.: +420 277 270 173
Fax: +420 277 270 921

Andrei Misetsky (EU)
Tel.: +420 775 865 567
Fax.: +420 277 270 921

Valentin Dona (EU)
Tel.: +420 775 281 956
Fax.: +420 277 270 921

Dispo Department

Dispo Department of STL Express s.r.o.

Alexandr Melnicov
Mob.: +420 775 282 023
Tel.: +420 277 270 170
Fax: +420 277 270 921

Controlling and Administration

Controlling and Administration of STL Express s.r.o.

Iulian Olteanu
Mob.: +420 775 281 956
Tel.: +420 277 270 171
Fax: +420 277 270 921

Tel.: +420 277 270 171
Fax: +420 277 270 921

Accounting Department

Accounting Department of STL Express s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 277 270 174
Tel.: +420 277 270 175
Tel.: +420 277 270 176



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Do Čertous 2622/14, 193 00 Horní Počernice
+420 775 281 956